Rowan Crosby Para Dressage – Sponsors

Rowan is sponsored and supported by some wonderful companies and individuals. When we met she talked to me about each of them in turn. It was really clear how much each of them is valued and how much their support is appreciated. Although sponsorship is an essentially commercial relationship it tends to be the human qualities on both sides that make it work well in the long run. I was really impressed by the strong bonds of mutual loyalty which exist between Rowan and her sponsors. To reflect this Rowan and I though we should have a page dedicated to her sponsors with links that you can follow to discover more about them.



Horzehoods provide Rowan with numnahs, hoodz, head collars etc & make Polar white spray which Rowan says makes such a difference to her life!!



For a big company, Horselyx has a very personal connection with the riders they support. Tiger adores the mint Horslyx and she always has the mini mint Horslyx for when she gets back to the trailer after competing.


Rowen Barbary:

Rowen Barbary are very supportive and encouraging towards Rowan.

Tiger has Soft n Soak Solution Mash & carrot mash as a treat.



Freedom Saddlery:

Steph Bradley who runs Freedom Saddlery is doubly qualified, SMS and International MSFC Diploma. She is a totally independent saddler. She is also, a PSG Dressage rider and a UKCC Dressage coach. Steph watched Rowan at a Russel Guire clinic, was really impressed with Rowan but not with her saddle. Steph worked with Nick and Helen Stone at Utopia Saddlemakers to develop a saddle specifically for Rowan and her disability; a better dressage saddle which also has the capability of adapting to Rowan.


Dressage TestPro:

This app is a wonderful, intuitive and stress free way to learn tests.


Arctic One Foundation:

Arctic One is a charitable foundation who awarded a Forward Motion grant to Rowan earlier this year. Forward Motion Grants help disabled individuals, clubs and groups at all levels to make progress in sport.


Claire Cooper Wyatt

As you will have read in the article Clair is Rowan’s coach. Not only is Clair a wonderful coach, she is also a very talented rider and breeds rather lovely sports horses:


Horsebox Hospital:

Horsebox Hospital is a Cheshire Horsebox Repair and Maintenance business who help by servicing Rowan’s horse trailer.


Equestrian and Sports Lighting:

Equestrian and Sports Lighting are a leading provider of manege and arena lighting. Having lights on a home arena makes a huge difference to anyone, but especially to riders who need to train after school or work.


Laura Clinton is the Physio who makes sure that Tiger is working optimally as well as happy and comfortable!