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Read our report from the Dressage Competition Camp with Alison Kenward – 7th & 8th July at Moulton Equestrian Centre


Dressage Competition Camp at Moulton Equestrian Centre

Would you like to hone your competition riding skills and feel more prepared for success in competition? Join Dressage Perspectives Featured Rider, Alison Kenward for a weekend of fun and focused coaching. You can put your newly polished skill set into action at the British Dressage competition which follows the camp on Sunday 8th!

What I love about this concept is the range of training that is built-in to it. Alison will be working with your rider skills and the training of your horse, your test riding skills, your mindset and your training plan. All of these are critical factors for success in competition.

Dressage Perspectives is supporting Alison in this venture because she has incredible positive energy, a great deal of knowledge and an attitude to coaching that really sets her apart from the crowd!