Brigadier General Kurt Albrecht – On Collection.

“The degree of collection is not determined, as many believe, by the degree of ‘bridling’, but by the degree of flexion of the hind joints. The resilience of these joints has to be developed by training.”

“A lengthy Period of gymnastic training is always needed before the more difficult movements can be executed correctly. How lengthy must depend partly on the physical and mental aptitudes of the horse and partly on the the extent of the rider’s knowledge and skill. Aptitudes are so variable that the length of the period of gymnastic preparation in each case cannot be defined, but the rider must understand the nature of the difficulties that make rapid progress difficult. The hasty rider will always be made to regret his impatience.”

Brigadier General Kurt Albrecht was Director of the Spanish Riding School 1974 – 1985. He was in charge of Judges Affairs for the Austrian Equestrian Federation from 1973 – 1987 and it is from his work entitled “A Dressage Judge’s Handbook” that the quotation above is taken.

This book is a great favourite of mine, as is “Principles of Dressage” by the same author. It is not only a useful book for aspiring judges but for all riders who decide to take part in dressage competitions.

Albrecht, K. “A Dressage Judges Handbook”. Translated by Nicole Bartle. J A Allen & Co, London 1988

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